About HAGS

HAGS has been designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing commercial recreational equipment for over 75 years. As an integral part of the global leader PlayPower Inc, the business supplies play, sports and fitness, park and urban, marine and shade equipment around the world.


In 1948, Hags was founded in a small industrial premises in Aneby by the gentlemen Hultgren, Andersson & Gustavsson. Here by the name HAGS. 

Today, HAGS is a global supplier that offers products in play, Sport & Fitness, Park & Urban Environment and Marine in more than 60 markets. Many years of experience and collaborations have made HAGS play equipment into best sellers all over the world - we take play seriously. HAGS products certainly create a lot of joy - but we definitely do not see our business as a game. Rather as science.

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For us at HAGS, sustainability is about the past as well as the future. We have almost 75 years behind us and we dare to say that throughout the journey we have had a genuine concern for both the environment and people. Although the concept of "sustainability" was not talked about as much at the time.

We want to constantly get better and continue to develop in order to strengthen sustainability in our operations. 

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Play for all

Our goal is to inspire play for everyone. We want playgrounds to be a delight for as many people as possible, that they inspire children of all ages, regardless of abilities, to interact with each other. From play you get motor training: coordination, balance and strength - characteristics that you benefit from your whole life. Play is also of great importance for children's social interaction.

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Since HAGS started in 1948, quality has been a key principle in our company culture. We strive to provide a quality service as well as quality products. We are a certified company according to ISO 9001.

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Our services cover everything from planning to condition assessment and maintenance. When you choose a solution from HAGS, you get help from a knowledgeable HAGS employee with a local connection who is familiar with your everyday living and recreation environment. 

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HAGS logo is available in 2 colour options and 2 versions; with or without the tagline "Inspiring all genereations".  We also provide full brand guidelines for HAGS Distributors.

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HAGS is part of the Playpower family of companies



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PlayPower - Inspiring the world to play 

Our Vision

To be he leader in creating legendary play and recreation experiences around the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to design and manufacture fun and safe play and recreation equipment for all ages and abilities. We will be recognized as the leader for inspiring and creating innovative products and providing superior customer service. We will leverage our brands globally to the benefit of those who use our products and to our customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our Values

Honesty and integrity, respect and caring for others, openness and collaboration, individual and team accountability, passion and purpose.