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Play for all.


Lek för alla

Our goal is to inspire play for everyone. We want playgrounds to be a joy for as many as possible, to inspire children of all ages, regardless of ability, to interact with each other. Play and joy free body and soul. You get motor training: coordination, balance and strength – qualities that you benefit from throughout your life. Play is also of great importance for children's social interaction.

By practicing interaction, the social skills are developed; communicate, cooperate, resolve conflicts. When children dare to try new things, courage and self-esteem develop, these abilities are especially important for children with disabilities. Play value describes how the environment, the product or a play position gives the child the experience of play. High play value shows that the child can play in many different ways and explore their own ideas and games. We divide play value into three categories: physical, sensory and social.

FN:s Barnkonvention blev lag 1 januari 2020. Den säger att alla barn har rätt till lek i en stimulerande, trygg och tillgänglig miljö.

Play pyramid

  • Play – enriching and lifelong experience
  • HAGS play pyramid the starting point
  • Built on years of international experience of creating playful spaces
  • Support from leading child development expert – Amanda Gummer
  • HAGS play pyramid shows the opportunities for development that play gives the children who use them

When we develop our products, we consider all Development Areas, as well as their overall effect.

Play Experiences are crucial to a child’s development and enjoyment of the play equipment.

Play Enablers help us ensure that our play equipment is accessible and engages children of all ages and abilities

Play for All means: All ages, All abilities, including encouraging intergenerational play





Play activities such as spinning, sliding, rocking, swinging and climbing are all physical experiences. Read more about how they can help a child's development while the children have fun.

Children with different abilities need sensory play experiences. Feeling, hearing, sight, interaction with nature and cozy places are all sensory experiences.

A playground should give children the opportunity to participate in social play and interact with other children. In this section we will look at interaction, dramatic and imaginative play.

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Creating an inclusive playground

When constructing a new playground in a park, it is good to ask yourself the question of whether the location is suitable. It should be easy to find and get to, but should also be at a safe distance from roads or other busy areas. An accessible playground needs to be reachable.

Everyone must have the opportunity to play and socialize together. You must be able to move freely around the entire area with or without aids It is important to make thoughtful choices when deciding what type of equipment and play equipment should be present and placed on the available playground. Each disability has a wide spectrum, which means that two people with the same diagnosis may have different needs. 

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How do we make existing playgrounds accessible? Resources can be limited and then it is good to see how to make playgrounds better with simple means. Every change makes a difference.

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